Shuhei Yoshida

Photographer / Designer

Born in 1981, Minami Ashigara, Kanagawa, Japan. Lives in Chiba. Independence in 2008 after a design office in Tokyo. Working as a photographer / designer from 2013.


2004/03 B.A. the department of Industrial design,Tokyo Zokei University


2014/05  "Back to the FILM Photo Contest Grand Prix" ,Japan


Kwerfeldein. Featured Artist


We are all living a story with a single telling.Each one of us is the narrator of this tale. Methods vary from person to person. And for me, that means happens to be photography.

Upon witnessing the birth of our first child, I realized this truth for the first time: that my life is a story with but a single beginning and a single ending. This realization was jolting.

Suddenly I felt each precious day slipping into the past. I was overcome with an uncontrollable urge to experience life more deeply.

As I continued to spend more time with my family, taking pictures, I began to feel the story of my family, evolving like a living book. I had discovered a story that I alone was equipped to write. And the protagonists of my story are my children.

In 2014, this chapter of my story is their childhood. Sometimes, the children in the pictures have questions. What did you feel the first time you saw the forest, the sea, buildings, a city?

The answer to that question has potential somewhere in the memory. The world I perceived as a child, senses experienced, and simple questions. There are parts of myself that are impossible to express in words. These concepts that cannot be put into words, with no means for expression, have become a part of me.

Now, as I attempt to reel in that first thread that connects me to the world, perhaps I am using photography to salvage those faint memories.  

(Translated by Naoto Matsuzaki and Craig Dandridge)





2004/03 東京造形大学環境計画学部インダストリアルデザイン科卒   


2014/05 Back to the FILM フォトコンテスト全国賞


Kwerfeldein. Featured Artist


私たちは誰しも、唯一度きりの物語を生きています。 語り手は私たち一人ひとり。 方法は十人十色。 そして私は写真という手段に出会いました。

我が子の誕生の瞬間を目撃した時、 自分自身の人生も始まりと終わりがある一度きりの物語なのだという 当然の事実を初めて実感として教わりました。 その衝撃的な体験は、過ぎて行く日常を尊く感じさせ、 今をより深く味わいたいという衝動を私に与えました。

日常の多くの時間を家族と過ごし写真を撮り続けるうちに、 家族の物語が生きている本のように成長していくのを感じはじめました。 私は私自身が記すべき物語の一つと出会ったのです。 主人公は子供達です。

2014年現在、物語はちょうど、子供時代の章です。 写真の中の子ども達は時々、問いかけてきます。 初めて海や森を見た時、ビルや街を見た時、何を感じたの?

その問いへの答えは記憶のどこかに潜在しています。 子供の頃に見ていた世界、感じていた感覚、素朴な疑問。 それらは言葉にできず、表現する手段もなく、自分の一部になっています。

私は今、自分と世界をつないだ始まりの糸をたぐりよせるため その微かな記憶を写真によって、サルベージしているのかもしれません。  

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